The other night at midnight, Citymapper sat in a Red Minibus

No, we're not in a parallel universe (The Midnight After movie) but we are really covering Red Minibuses in Hong Kong NOW!

Red minibuses have no numbers (except a few), they don't run on fixed schedule and your octopus card may not work on them but they get you to places fast and many run through the night.

We have added over 150 lines of these buses to help you get around HK and we are the first app in the world that can navigate these! 

Here are a few suggestions on routes we find useful (but there are many more!) 😜:

1. Getting to Mongkok in no time ⚡️  

Kennedy Town to Mongkok via Western Tunnel
(15 min vs 23 min on MTR)

2. Head to the beach in Shek O 🏊 

Shau Kei Wan to Shek O
(20 min vs 30 min on double decker bus)

After platform standing strategies in MTR stations and live arrival times, we are now equipping you with one more super power and that's figuring out how to ride Red Minibus routes!  



Make sure to do the following when you ride in them:

- Fasten your seatbelts! 

- Check with the driver when you get on whether he will drop you at your intended destination as he may make slight adjustments to the route

- Have small notes as most of the drivers do not accept Octopus (no, they don't accept $1000 bills) but they do offer change

- Pay when you get off


Since red minibus routes don't have numbers, you will find them in journey results when you see: 

For those of your who don't read Chinese, it means "Red Van".



We heard that when it comes to the red minibuses, only people who know them deserve to ride them. Well, now Citymappers deserve to ride them too. 😉