A new mode of transportation: Car Sharing

Carsharing. Round 1.

The ultimate transit app gets… more ultimate.

Introducing our partner Car2go in DC, NYC, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Berlin, Hamburg, Milan, Rome and Amsterdam.

Right now we are just showing car availability on the Near tab, this is not yet on routing, sorry. But it will be. Because the future city is coming. And you can live in the old world, or you can join the new one..

See all available cars around you

See the real-time location of available cars around you: just go to the Near page and tap "Car2go."

We show you the cars on the map, and additional information such as fuel level, plate number and the address in front of which the car is parked.


We hear Arlington is preparing to jump on the Car2go-wagon, we can't wait.

What's next?

Adding car sharing is a big step towards our vision of a truly multimodal transport app. Bus, metro, train, bike share, ferry, walking, cab... and now car sharing. What's next?