Disruption notification for SEPTA

SEPTA Disruption Notifications

In Citymapper's continued quest to take over your brains... er... empower you to know your city, we have added live alerts for disruptions on SEPTA Rapid Transit, Trolleys and Regional Rail.

Don't expect any good news folks, nothing like 'hey there's a party on the El, everyone's invited!' We will only notify you when things are messed up.

Serves you right for living in a big city with other humans.

Show me how!

Go to the CITY tab, and tap on the vibrating phone icon.

Activate GO Alerts

Then tap 'Line status alerts' and set them up.

Don't constantly disrupt me

But listen, notifications can be annoying, and we have spent time thinking about how to make them: not annoying. You can pick the 'commute only' options and we will only notify you during regular commuting hours. And we will be doing work in the background to only push through relevant messages.