A new mode of transport: Car Sharing

Hello Car2go and welcome to Car Sharing!

Hey, Vancouver! Today we gift you a new way to get around. Introducing Car2Go, a car sharing service that you can pick up -- and park -- anywhere from Yaletown to North Vancouver to Granville Island.

Here the full coverage area...

1) See all available cars around you

See the real-time location of available cars around you: just go to the Near page and tap "Car2go."

We show you the cars on the map in real-time, and additional information such as fuel level, plate number and the address.

2) Plan Routes with Car2go

Whenever you plan a trip within Car2go's coverage area we'll show you a Car2go option alongside walking, cycling, taxi and public transport. We show you how long it takes, along with how much it costs.


Adding car sharing is a big step towards our vision of a truly multimodal transport app. Bus, metro, train, ferry, walking, cab... and now car sharing. What's next?