Jersey, get ready to ride

Hey, Jersey! Guess what? As of today, Citi Bikes are officially shipped across the river.

On the heels of Jersey City adding 22 miles of bike lanes this summer, Motivate -- the Citi Bike umbrella organization -- added 350 new bikes at 35 stations. 

Just as in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and (recently) Queens, Jersey City bikes can be used for 45 minute intervals.

Never fear, they're already in the app... which means more chances to check out our sweet bike share features!

Citi Bike availability

See the free bikes and empty docks near your location and destination.

Plan ahead

You can check your route before you go.

Combine bike share + transit

If you want to get into NYC, you’re probably not going to ride from Jersey to NYC, but here's a little hack: bike to the train, PATH into the city, and hop on another bike.

Citymapper links bike share up to other modes of transit, like light rails, ferries and subway, so we'll let you know how the new Citi Bikes can make your trip faster.