An exercise in Time Travel: adding the 2nd Avenue Line

Since we've been waiting 100 years for the 2nd Avenue line, we couldn't wait any longer.

We've build the entire (currently non-existent) subway line in beta mode and added it in the app.

Please note it doesn't actually come into existence until late 2016.

Introducing the 2nd Avenue line

Is a new T line and uptown extensions to the Q


Now when you do an A to B search where the 2nd Ave line may be valid, it will appear in the bottom of results in "The Future" section. It only appears when a directions search is relevant. 

Let's take it for a spin

Here's an example from Penn Station to 116th and 1st Ave, right next to NYC's largest Target. 

Current fastest option: take the 2/3 subway and then the M116 bus. And take 34 minutes. Golly. 

In the future with the 2nd avenue line: 20 minutes on the Q with no transfers!

The real world

After nearly 100 years of planning, there are plans to move forward with construction in 4 phases.

Phase 1 is scheduled to open Dec 30, 2016. The Q train will run from 72nd to 96th on 2nd Ave.

Phases 2-4 haven’t been funded yet, so the start dates are TDB. That said, here's the plan:

Phase 2 will extend the Q line from 96th St to 125th St.

Phase 3 will bring a *new* line, called the T, from 125th St. to Houston St.

Phase 4 will extend the T line from Houston St. to Hanover St. 

But if you similarly can not wait, or are planning some real estate arbitrage, and want to play around with what Manhattan will be like once the 2nd Ave subway fully exists, open up our app, do a search on the East side, and have a look.

We haven't solved time travel yet, but this is a start.