10 Citymapper tools to help you master New York

You may think you know New York City inside out. But here are 10 ways you can use Citymapper, the GRAND PRIZE winner of MTA's App Quest, to become a harder, better, faster, stronger New Yorker. 


1. Get on the train at the best spot

We'll tell you where to board the train (Front, Middle or Back) so you can be close to the exit when you get off.

It's integrated with trips, just where you need it.


2. Find the right Entrance or Exit for your station

We suggest the best entrance or exit to get you to your platform quick.

It's integrated with trips, just where you need it.


3. Get notified when your line is messed up

We have live service alert notifications for the subway, LIRR, Metro-North.

Pick your lines and we'll send you the following:

Hey not all notifications are happy messages.

We also have disruption info for buses, NJTransit and PATH.

Plus Twitter feeds from agencies.


4. Route around crazy weekend disruptions

Our routing engine takes out parts of the network that has issues, and finds you alternatives.

Especially important during the weekend.


5. Save your trips OFFLINE 


We automatically save your recent trip offline.

And (on iOS first) all your saved trips on the homescreen are also available offline.

Of course live data does not update, but we will store scheduled info. So when you're underground, you can access all the trip info that's necessary.

Oh and the subway map is also available offline.


6. Get on a bike without owning one, a Citibike!

Insiders know this is sometimes the best way to get around town.

We have live availability of bikes and docks at nearby locations.

We can tell you where to grab them, where to dock them, and how to get in between using fast or safe routes.



7. Comprehensive urban mobility, can we re-emphasize that it ain't just the subway

There are many many ways to get from A to B. And we have the most comprehensive set of choices.

Aside from the subway and buses, we have trains, ferries, bike share and Uber. And don't forget good ol walking.

Our multi-modal super router combines all transit modes.

We even combine citibikes with the subway!

You think you know the best option, but really we do :)


8. Get the right Uber, with price estimates and arrival predictions

Want to see excellent app to app integration?

Tap the taxi icon and we'll show you all the different Uber options for your A to B.

With price estimates.

Including surge pricing! Yipes.

And expected live arrival times.

Tap through and it will go direct to Uber. With the destination pre-entered. So all you have to do is REQUEST.

Such wow.


9. Get out of town (well Manhattan) with regional coverage

Headed to the Hamptons? Apple picking in Annandale? Visiting your brah in Beacon?

We have full regional coverage, stretching from central Connecticut to Trenton.

It's safe to wander.

You are now empowered.


10. Check your live ETA, share it, and view it on your wearable (this is magic)

We have a lot of technology. Doing a lot of calculations. To bring you: Live ETA.

The most accurate arrival time prediction known to mankind. Based on the real time location of you and all your modes of transport.

It updates automatically based on your progress.

Share it with anyone (even those without the app) so that they can follow you along, and know exactly when you will get to your destination.




And we're on Apple Watch and Android Wear!

So if you have a smartwatch you don't even have to pull out your phone.

Just glance at your wrist, and know exactly when you will get there.



And that's not all.. 

But 10 things are enough for now, my friend.