We have MTR Exits plus the Train Door that's closest

My my, Hong Kong, you are our 28th city but your MTR stations surely have way more exits than 28. We counted 513 to be exact. Hong Kong MTR is one of the most accessible metro system we have seen because of all these exits, lucky you! We covered every single one of the exits so we are now able guide you through them one by one.

Besides the exits, have you ever waited on a platform for the MTR and subsequently arrived at your destination only to find yourself having to walk the length of the platform towards your exit and you wish you had walked there while you waited? (Exit A at Times Square....)

Your wish has been granted. We will tell you the optimum section of the train (front, mid, back) to be in for your transfer or exit. And what do you need to do to take advantage of all these? Not much, just let us know where you want to go and you will get:

1) the route

2) the exits

3) which section of the MTR to be in