GO, Your Personal Trip Assistant

Introducing GO

So far we've helped you figure out 'how' to get from A to B.

Now we're going to actually help you 'do' it.

With as little friction as possible. 

You hit GO...

...and we take care of you along your trip

This will trigger a step-by-step view of your journey. We will figure out what you need, and where and when you need it.


The Smart Notification

Supporting the step by step journey is a Smart Notification, which sits on your lockscreen for the duration of the trip.

It figures out which step you're at and gives you what you need without having to open the app, such as the next departure time.


'Get off' Alerts

We'll not send you unnecessary alerts.

But the one we will send you is an alert when to get off the bus or train during your journey. BzBz. Time to get off.