Pick the best time to leave and spend less time waiting

We’ve improved the app to show you all the departure & arrival times in the next hour for each trip you picked. With this new feature, you can choose exactly when to leave, compare upcoming trips and be confident about your arrival time.


How it works

On trip details, tap "More trips in the next hour" to reveal all the times you can leave in the next hour. Pick on your leaving time and the trip will update accordingly.

๐Ÿ• Pick shorter trips, avoid longer ones

Leaving early doesn’t always get you somewhere quicker. While at home, find out if some of the later trips are significantly faster, and spend less time travelling. 


โŒ›๏ธ Spot long gaps between leaving times

Hurry up to catch the previous departure or stay put and leave just in time for the following one.



๐Ÿฅต Be warned of tight transfer times 

Transfer times in Citymapper are based on an average walking speed, but we all have our own pace. The “tight transfer” tag will help you know what you walk into.


We created this feature to save you time and allow you to travel confidently on public transport. Try it for free and tell us what you think!



The Citymapper team