Phase 1 of Elizabeth Line is now open!

London, it's here!

Phase 1 of the Elizabeth Line is now officially running...



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Here some more details & fun facts

Operating hours

  • For the new central section, service will run from Monday to Saturday, no trains on Sunday for now

  • First train: 06:30 - from both Abbey Wood and Paddington

  • Last train: 23:00 - from both Abbey Wood and Paddington

  • The old ‘TfL Rail’ sections (now rebranded to Elizabeth Line) will have the same service as now - so they will be running on Sundays


  • Trains running every 5 mins from 6:30 to 23:00 - yes, both in rush hour and off-peak. Zoomzoom.


  • Same as for the Tube for zones 1 - 6

Some hacks

  • Going to Oxford Circus? No problem, get off at Tottenham Court Road (Dean Street exit) and walk a bit, it's actually not far

  • You can walk from the new underground Elizabeth Line Liverpool Street Station to the Northern Line at Moorgate, all underground

Some facts

  • Length of trains: the Elizabeth Line trains can carry a lot more passengers — up to 1,500 passengers per train on the Elizabeth line compared to an average of 921 passengers on a tube train

  • Length of platforms: They're super long! Although initially the trains will be 200 metres long, platforms at the new stations in the central core are built to enable 240-metre-long trains for future expansion

    TOPTIP - watch out for our 'Best Carriage' info so you don't have to walk aaaaaalllll the way to the other end of the platform to reach your exit. 

  • All the new stations are ♿ step-free from street to train! Special mention to the cool inclined lift at Farringdon when transfering to Barbican. The older TfL Rail stations have already been made step-free too (except Ilford, coming soon!)

  • Each of the ten new stations has their own, distinct character, conceived by different architects which reflect the environment and heritage of the local area. For example, the new station at Paddington echoes the design legacy of Brunel’s existing building, while the new Farringdon station takes inspiration from the historic local trades of blacksmiths and goldsmiths, as well as the distinctive architecture of the Barbican.

Here's a nice video with some architectural background on the stations...



So what's next? Here the details...


OPENING MAY 24th 2022 - Phase 1 will introduce 10 new Elizabeth Line stations in central London from Abbey Wood to Paddington. The new and shiny “Class 345” trains will run at a frequency of every 5 minutes. Also, existing TfL Rail services will be rebranded to become Elizabeth Line.



OPENING AUTUMN 2022 - Phase 2 will integrate services from the east and west into the new central tunnels and stations, enabling trips from Reading and Heathrow through to Abbey Wood, and from Shenfield through to Paddington. The service in the central stations between Paddington and Whitechapel will ramp up to run 24 trains per hour (every 2.5 minutes) during the peak.



OPENING SPRING 2023 - Phase 3 is the final phase of the Elizabeth Line, with all routes up and running, connected into one seamless network from East to West! There will be 24 trains per hour (every 2.5 minutes), running through the central section during peak hours.



See you on the train... IRL!