Making Scooters Usable

All around the globe, scooters have become an important part of how we move in cities - as a standalone way to get from A to B, or combined with public transport to get to and from stations and bus stops.

In fact, we’ve seen huge increases in many of our cities: compared to 2020, scooter journeys in our app are up 47% in Paris and 97% in Berlin at the start of this year.

Scooters are here to stay, playing an important role in making our cities more connected, more accessible, and more sustainable!


All the features and brands - in one app

We've launched a whole slew of features, specifically designed around scooters.

Making it easier to get started for first time riders, but also making scooters more accessible as part of your regular travels and commute.


With over 180 scooter integrations all across the globe, we cover more scooter brands than any other app!


Covering the full trip, end to end

We guide you from start to finish: finding your nearest scooter, getting turn-by-turn navigation during your ride, identifying an appropriate parking spot and providing walk instructions to your final destination.



Helping you find the right scooter

We’ll show you the nearest available scooters from different providers, including current battery levels and price estimates, to help you choose the best option.

Once you’ve selected a scooter, we’ll also give you walking directions so you can quickly find it and start your ride.


Simplifying your ride with scooter-friendly routes and features

Prioritising cycle paths and avoiding cobblestone streets

Our custom routes designed for scooters let you navigate confidently and safely during your ride.


Taking into account where to ride and where to avoid

There are so many different rules to keep track of, from operating zones to no-ride zones, go-slow zones to no-parking zones 🤯 

Our routes are designed with these in mind, so you never need to worry.


Turn-by-turn navigation - a safer and easier ride experience

Get detailed turn-by-turn guidance during your ride, making navigating with scooters safer and easier to follow.



With real-time re-routing if you happen to get off track...


...and voice guidance for hands-free navigation


Helping you park

We route you to an appropriate parking spot, nearest to your destination, in line with local regulations, to help you end your ride responsibly and avoid fines.


Connecting to public transport with multimodal trips

Our multimodal routing algorithm combines scooters with public transportation.


We find the best combinations in real-time, helping you discover new ways of getting from A to B with faster travel times and more convenient routes.


With detailed end-to-end instructions, from walking to the nearest scooter, to finding the best route, to parking your scooter at the best spot nearest to the station or stop.


Scooters are included in Citymapper PASS

One simple subscription, for ALL modes of transport.

If you're in London, our Super Duper PASS includes all modes - Bus, Tube, Rail, Black Cabs, Ride Hailing, e-Bikes, and... Scooters!

Read more here >


Powered by the best data

To ensure you have the best set of options for your ride, we’ve aggregated hundreds of feeds from scooter operators across the globe via our proprietary data factory, custom workflows and dedicated team of data analysts.

All the details

Our data factory aggregates, processes and maintains all the operational data layers such as coverage area, no-ride areas, slow-zones and parking locations.


Maintained and updated all the time

We process the source data in realtime to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our output


Learning from real-world usage

We analyse data from real trips to predict the most accurate ride speed and travel times, and use these to provide an accurate price estimate for your ride


Powering Enterprise

Our scooter tech is also available for enterprises, as plug & play SDKs and APIs, letting anyone integrate all our scooter functionality into their own apps and products.



We 💚 Scooters

Scooters are an important addition to our multimodal cities. Designing better features that make using scooters easier and safer is key for our cities to become better connected and more sustainable. So grab a scooter and take our features for a ride!


Making scooters usable...

Making cities usable.