Citymapper in your EarπŸ‘‚

Citymapper can now talk! 

Keep your phone in your pocket, let our Voice instructions guide you.

The best user interface is NO user interface. No need to constantly get your phone out just to check the info.

Sit back, enjoy the ride. Just you and your city. And a little Citymapper in your ear.


How it works

1️⃣  Plan a trip
2️⃣  Hit GO
3️⃣  Tap the SOUND icon



Works for everything...

Walking, cycling, scooting and public transport!

Designed specifically for each mode, giving you the info you need, when you need it.


1) Voice for WALKING

βœ…  Previews so you know what's coming

βœ…  Turn alerts when it's time to turn

βœ…  Automatic rerouting, if you went off-piste

βœ…  Arrival preview & announcement




βœ…  Works for riding your own bike, or using docked cycles / floating cycles / scooters!

βœ…  Walking instructions to the nearest bike or scooter

βœ…  Turn-by-turn instructions during your ride

βœ…  Instructions for finding a parking spot




βœ…  While walking, hear updates when your bus/train is due

βœ…  Before entering a station, hear detailed info about your platform and best carriage 

βœ…  Get an alert when it's time to get off!



Works with headphones and on speaker

Don’t worry, we kept all of our instructions super-brief, to not disturb your music or podcast flow.


Now, go! Roam!

Wherever you need to go.


"You have arrived at your destination."


  * Ear sold separately