London Scooters - 3 new areas, double the scooters

Double the scooters 🛴 🛴 double the fun 🙂 🙃

With the 3 new areas, you can now scoot in 8 boroughs in London... and there's twice as many scooters too, going from 600 to 1,200 scooters!


Where can I scoot?

✔️ City of London 🆕

✔️ Parts of Southwark 🆕

✔️ Parts of Lambeth 🆕

✔️ Ealing

✔️ Hammersmith and Fulham

✔️ Kensington and Chelsea

✔️ Richmond

✔️ Canary Wharf


We have ALL the scooters

We're the only app to integrate all 3 scooter operators - Dott, Lime and TIER!

Each have scooters available in each of the areas, with numbers increasing over time.


And ALL the features...


Ready to scoot?
Here's how it works 👇

1️⃣ Plan your route

Just use 'Get Me Somewhere' and if your trip is within the coverage area, we'll calculate the route, including walking to the nearest scooter.


2️⃣ See all the details

Compare the nearest scooters, real-time battery levels, the overall traveltime, and the best route.


For each trip, we'll automatically calculate the overall price of both unlocking and the length of your ride. Each operator will charge £1 to unlock a scooter, followed by a per-minute fee of 15p for Dott and Tier, and 16p for Lime.


3️⃣ Hit GO for turn-by-turn directions


4️⃣ Get voice instructions

Available with Citymapper CLUB, keep your phone in your pocket and listen to our voice instructions at each turn. Took a wrong turn? We'll automatically reroute you and show you the new route to your destination.


5️⃣ Park with confidence and avoid fines

You can only park your scooter in one of the official parking areas. So we’ll always route you straight to the parking area nearest to your destination, so you know exactly where to park and avoid fines. We'll then show you the walking route to your final destination. All in one app.

Ride safely. Follow the rules.

It's up to all of us to prove that scooters are a viable way to improve our cities! Please follow the rules, especially when it comes to parking the scooters in the right way and by following the rules of the road.


Enjoy the ride, London!