71 European cities in 31 countries

First up:
We launched 7 new cities

Just a couple of weeks ago, we launched all over Eastern Europe. This week, to complete our European expansion, we say hello to the North.

Welcome 🇳🇴 Oslo 🇫🇮 Helsinki 🇮🇸 Reykjavik 🇪🇪 Tallinn 🇱🇹 Vilnius 🇱🇻 Riga 🇱🇺 Luxembourg 👏


Europe completed - we're now in EVERY MAJOR CITY in Europe!

We founded Citymapper in London, in the heart of Europe, a continent with a looooong history with public transport, home to so many innovations in transport and urban planning pioneers. Which is why covering Europe means so much to us - humans and robots alike. Europe is our home turf!

Citymapper EUROPE in numbers...

Across 71 cities and 31 countries, we added 368 different transport modes


🚌 65,860 bus routes with 1,367,189 stops

🚋 854 tram lines with 20,801 stops

🚇 208 metro lines with 2,537 stations

Here's an artist's rendering of what that looks like:

We also added 107 private transport modes

E-bikes, scooters, mopeds, carsharing, taxis - you name it, we have them all.

(still working on those jetpacks though)

Let's put things into perspective... 







What's next for "Citymapper Everywhere"? 🌏

It's been a big year for us in terms of our expansion. We're now in over 100 cities around the world, more than doubling our cities in just one year. 



We'll keep pushing hard to make Citymapper available to everyone. Stay tuned for our next launches... we're heading East. 😉


Your Citymapper Family 💚