Scooters ๐Ÿ›ด are coming to London next week!

Beginning next week, Londoners will be able to use e-scooters to get around town!

We're pretty excited that this new mode is finally available in London, adding to the mobility mix and making getting around town even more diverse and flexible.


Where will I be able to scoot?

The first participating boroughs and areas are:


Hammersmith and Fulham

Kensington and Chelsea


The City of London

Canary Wharf

Tower Hamlets will allow riding through it, but no scooters are to be parked or rented there for now. As the trial progresses, more boroughs will open up, with Lambeth and Southwark already in line seeking participation next.


Which e-scooters will be available?

3 companies have won the tender to operate in London:

To start, each borough will have 60-150 scooters available to rent with numbers increasing over time.


We're ready...

Once the roll-out begins next week, we'll have them in the app, supported by many features we specifically built for e-scooters:

Realtime scooter locations, battery levels, price-comparison, custom routing profiles, turn-by-turn instructions with voice guidance, coverage areas and no-parking zones, ... all in one app!


More to follow next week

Watch out for more announcements in the app.

Scoot scoot!