Turn-by-turn directions for ๐Ÿšถ Walking

Go for a walk and try our new turn-by-turn directions.

Whether you stroll, strut or stride, get guidance for every step along the way.


Use GO to try it out

First pick a walk route, then press GO


The right information at the right time

Your next step will be clearly communicated, and displayed on the map, including distance and street name.


Automatic rerouting

If you get lost or make your own detour, the route will adjust accordingly.


Choose the map view that works for you

Switch between multiple view modes: face north, follow your compass, or view the city in 3D.


Voice too! Put your headphones on, and keep your phone in your pocket

Get audio directions through your headphones as you walk.


Fast vs Main Roads: two types of walking routes

Fast gives you the most direct path. Main roads is simpler, and can be safer.

Pick before you start, but feel free to change mid-route, and the route will update accordingly.


Share your live progress and ETA for safety

Great for safety so that someone can follow your trip.

Also useful when you're meeting someone or arriving for a scheduled appointment.


We're investing further in walking

Walking is fun, healthy and green.

And as the pandemic changes how we move around cities, we will evolve our app accordingly to support you any way you need.

Watch this space for more developments.

Meanwhile, go for a walk and try out our new turn-by-turn directions!