👋 A warm welcome to Bristol, Cardiff, and the entire South West!

Shhhhh 🤫 Don't tell London, but we are so pleased to be hanging with you! 


Your charm offensive was irresistible; here's how you convinced us!

We learned how much your city meant to you through the comments you shared when voting for where we should expand next. 



Bristol, Cardiff and the South West covered in the Citymapper app

From Cardiff all the way to Plymouth and back! 


Move as your heart desires 💚

All modes of transport, local and regional. 


How it works? More than just public transport to get you there!

Wherever you're going, for pleasure or business, you can choose between all the different transport options. 


Once you make your choice, get a detailed itinerary


Want to be guided? Press GO for step-by-step navigation


Turn by turn navigation + voice Instructions > phone distractions = no neck contractions 🙌

Keep pollution down, burn them calories, remember where you live!


Best data in the game 🤓

This might be 😴 but we'll never stop conquering messy transit schedules into shiny and reliable routes. It can makes the difference between you seeing a bus drive away or reaching it just in time. Delays, re-routes, best carriages, most convenient station exits, real-time traffic, and cancellations - we've got you covered.


We'll keep improving, so you keep moving

To Bristol, Cardiff and the entire South West family, this is only the beginning for us, stay tuned...

Any suggestions? Let us know here 👈