Turn-by-turn directions for Cycling

Cycling options: always front and centre in our app

Suggested trips for personal cycles + local docked or floating cycle options are shown at the top of our journey results screen.


Use GO to try out our NEW turn-by-turn directions

Get detailed turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

Routes consider cycle friendly paths, hills and parks.


The right information at the right time

The next turn will be clearly communicated and displayed on the map.


Choose between 3 route options: quiet, regular and fast

Quiet routes make the most of dedicated cycle lanes, parks and paths.

Fast routes are the most direct.

Regular routes give you the best of both worlds.

Pick your preferred route when you set out. Or switch during your trip.


Pick the map view that suits you best

Face north, follow your compass, or view the city in 3D.


Screen stays on while you ride

These directions are lit! (and will stay that way)


Works with personal, docked and floating cycles!

For your own bike, get directions from start to destination.


For docked bikes, get walking directions to the nearest dock, then cycling directions to the best destination dock, and finally walking directions to your ultimate destination.



In our next update you'll be able to get turn-by-turn directions for floating bikes as well! Get walking directions to the nearest cycle, then cycling directions to the best open parking spot, and finally walking directions to your ultimate destination.


Lots of technology and smarts goes into getting all these details right! 🤓

Want voice directions + automatic rerouting? Check out Citymapper CLUB

Put in your 🎧 and get voice directions while you pedal. If you make a detour, we'll automatically update the route - and keep guiding you.

Right now, Citymapper CLUB members get exclusive early access to this feature, just join here >

We'll make it available to all our users in the future.

The ultimate satnav for urban cycling

Whether you occasionally grab a docked cycle to glide around a park, use your own bike to commute, or treat every cycle trip like it's the final stage of the Tour de France, we've got your back.

Users asked us to build turn-by-turn directions for cycle trips into our app - and we listened👂🏻

We'll continue to listen - and build - until GO = the ultimate satnav for urban cycling.

Try it out! Take a cycle, use GO. It will change how you get around.