How to use Pass

How do I activate my Pass?

You can activate the Pass after you receive your card and activation code in the mail. Just go to the Pass tab and tap 'Activate Pass'.

You control the timing. The subscription will begin the first Monday after activation.

I've activated my Pass!

Congrats, your Pass is now ready to use! Check the top of the Pass page to see your subscription start date. Note that subscriptions start on Mondays. You can use your Pass before your subscription starts but will be charged standard pay-as-you-go fares.

What happens on Monday when my subscription starts?

The future begins! Use your Pass to tap in and out on transport, as you normally would with a contactless card. All travel that’s included in your subscription will now be covered by your Pass. And yes, your first week is already paid for!


Do I need to top up?

No, with Pass you'll never need to top up again. Your subscription payment for an upcoming week is automatically taken on Fridays. Did we mention your first week is already paid for? Yes. It is.

How do I know what's covered by my Pass?

Just use Get Me Somewhere to plan a journey and the little Jetpack icon will show you everything that's included with your Pass. The app will also show you any extension fare for travel outside your zones.

All Passes include unlimited travel in your selected zones with Tube, Overground, DLR, bus and rail. SUPER DUPER users also get access to unlimited 30min Santander cycle rides and £10 cab credit per week. Remember that your Pass can only be used on transport services, so it won't work to buy your morning coffee or a 🍌.  

What happens if I travel outside my zones?

When you use the card outside your zones, for example for a trip to the airport, you will be charged adult pay-as-you-go fares, similarly to how Oyster works. These will be charged to your associated payment card and will be shown on your dashboard.

How do I keep track of all my travel?

Just go to the Pass tab, your dashboard will fill up with your activity and GO-trips throughout the week.

When will my travel show up?

Just like with any contactless card, TfL taps come through the day after you travel. For example, expect travel on Wednesday to appear on Thursday. If you use 'GO' on a trip, it will show up immediately after completing the trip.

Going on Holiday? Pause your subscription.

A good way to understand this is 'skip a week'. Instead of paying your full weekly subscription, you will only pay £1 that week so we can keep the card and system active. You can continue to use the card on a pay-as-you-go basis, for example for travelling to and from airports. You will also preserve your account, stats and points.

If I have the SUPER DUPER Pass...

How does the £10 cab credit work?

As a SUPER DUPER subscriber you automatically get £10 of cab credit added to your account every week. You can use your cab credit on Black Cabs or Minicabs or both! When you take a Kapten or a Black Cab any charges above the £10 will be charged to your payment card. Credit you won't use will expire on a weekly basis. 

Black cabs - integrated with the app and operated by Gett

Book black cabs from our app with your existing account, and the same user interface you love using for Citymapper Ride and we will cover £10. Black cabs are managed by Gett, with thousands of drivers in the city guaranteeing you the fastest pickup times and best service.

Book straight from our app


Minicabs - linked with the app and operated by Kapten

Kapten is the top cab operator from Paris, now in London, with ambitious plans and competitive prices. 

Add your 16-digit number from your Pass card to the Kapten app and we will cover £10. 

Select it when ordering in the Kapten app



How do Santander cycles work?

Your SUPER DUPER subscription covers unlimited 30 minute cycle rides. For longer journeys you will be charged £2 for each extra 30 minutes. Just tap your Pass at the docking station when taking out your cycle. 

Or add your Citymapper Pass as a payment method to the Santander app to get an unlock-code straight from there.


This is just the beginning

Pass will evolve and we'll keep adding new cool stuff over time.. more features, more modes, more everything. 

Tap tap and away!



Questions, thoughts, or need some help? 

Go to the Pass Settings and hit Contact Us, read by humans.