FAQ - Everything you wanted to know about the Citymapper Pass and were unafraid to ask

This FAQ will be updated over time

What is Citymapper Pass?

Pass is a subscription to all your transport, integrated with the Citymapper app. Subscribers get a beautiful green travelcard, access to public and private transport (deals depending on their package), special features that enhance their app experience, and will be blessed by the transport gods.

Who is Citymapper Pass for?

It's for daily travellers and users of our app who are multimodal, i.e. use multiple different modes of transport. We've spent years building an app with the best data, routing and features to help you navigate and survive complex cities. Now we wish to simplify ticketing and payments so that you can have a beautiful complete experience, across a multitude of transport modes, with minimal worry and hassle. And hopefully along the way we can do some good and have some fun too.

How do I order a Citymapper Pass?

Pass is only available to London residents right now. Londoners can place an order in the latest version of the iOS or Android app by visiting the Pass tab from the homepage. Ordering is easy, requiring name, address, and date of birth for regulatory anti-fraud purposes.

When will I receive my beautiful green card?

Your Pass will be with you within 5-8 working days after you've placed your order.

To confirm your order we run an identity check and process the first week's payment. Once this is done you will get an email confirmation and will see a shipping date in the app.

When will I get charged?

You will get charged after you have passed checks. You will be charged in advance for your first week's subscription. Just to be clear, the initial charge for your first week's subscription will count towards your first week of use. There is no signup fee or hidden charge.

When does the Pass subscription begin?

You control the timing, activate it when you're ready. Your subscription will begin the first Monday after you activate your Pass in the app.

Why does Pass only cover Zone 1-6? When will it cover Zone 7 and beyond?

You can currently choose between Passes for Zones 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6. If you live or travel extensively in other Zones then Pass isn’t for you just yet. We will introduce additional packages for unlimited travel in all Zones in due time.

What happens if I travel outside of my zones?

When you use the card outside of your zones, for example for a trip to the airport, you will be charged adult pay-as-you-go fares, similarly to how Oyster works. These will be charged to your associated payment card.

Do I have to top up the card?

No, you will never have to top up again.

Is there a signup fee?

There is no signup fee.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee.

Are there any hidden charges?

No tricks. 

How can you provide such a competitive price?

We've done our analysis and believe we can build a compelling sustainable proposition.

How does the 4 week minimum work?

Once you activate your subscription, you commit to using it for at least 4 weeks before you can cancel. But we hope you use it for ever and ever.

How do I cancel?

Following the minimum period, you will be able to cancel your subscription inside the app. We need one week notice to cancel, so your last day will be the Sunday of the week after the one in which you cancel, and you can continue to use Pass until that day. The cancel process will be easy, there will be a button in the app that says 'cancel subscription', and when you do we will not confuse you or annoy you or send you through hoops, instead we will just let you go, and simply experience profound sadness. 

How do I pause?

Our intention with this feature is to let you temporarily pause your Pass subscription. A good way to understand this is 'skip a week', for example, if you are going on holiday. You can pause upto 5 weeks per calendar year for free.  Any additional weeks will be charged £1/week. Even when paused, you can continue to use your Pass on a pay-as-you-go basis, for example for travelling to and from airports. You can pause your subscription in the app from the Pass dashboard. 

How do I change my address, name, birthdate?

Please send us an email to pass at citymapper dot com from the email address you signed up with and we'll help you out.

Are you going to offer a pay-as-you-go version?

We developed a subscription so that we can offer users the simplicity of paying once, and not having to worry. But we could consider this in the future.

How can I switch between the SUPER and SUPER DUPER Passes?

You can do this in the app anytime after you have activated your Pass. The change will take effect the following Monday.

I have the SUPER DUPER Pass. How do the Santander cycles work?

Santander cycles are the red docked cycles all over central London. Our Pass will be accepted just by tapping it at the docking station terminal. Santander cycles are included in your weekly credit of £10. 

I have the SUPER DUPER Pass. How does the £10 weekly credit work?

As a SUPER DUPER subscriber you automatically get £10 credit added to your account every week. You can use this credit on Black Cabs, FREE NOW Minicabs, Lime e-bikes, Lime scooters, Santander cycles or all! When you take a Gett Black Cab, a FREE NOW minicab, a Santander cycle, a Lime e-bike or a Lime Scooter any charges above £10 will be charged to your payment card. Credit you don't use will expire on a weekly basis.

How do I book a black cab?

Book black cabs from our app with your existing account and we will cover £10. Black cabs are managed by Gett, with thousands of drivers in the city guaranteeing you the fastest pickup times and best service.

How do I link my Pass to FREE NOW?

First download the FREE NOW app. Then add your 16 digits from the back of your Pass card as your payment method. Ensure Pass is your active payment method and book a ride! Ride for free up to £10!

How do I link my Pass to Lime?

Download the Lime app and then add your 16 digits from the back of your Pass card as your payment method. Ensure Pass is your active payment method and book an e-bike or scooter!

What other mobility options will you be offering in the future?

We started with public transport, cycles and cabs. We have since added e-bikes and scooters. We hope to provide you with every option possible, including other cab operators, cycles, car-sharing, scooters (where legal), hoverboards, and whatever gets invented next.

Are you competing with TfL (Transport for London)?

No, we see ourselves as complementary, just as we always have been with our work using open data to promote public transport, and help Londoners get around the city. TfL pioneered and encourages contactless ticketing, which is the basis for Citymapper Pass. TfL welcomes products that support public transport, which is what Citymapper and Pass do. In fact we believe the private sector must help and promote public transport, because shared use transport is essential for solving congestion, affordability and inclusivity. 

What are you doing with personal data?

We don't sell user data to third parties. You can use our app anonymously if you wish. But for Pass users, regulation requires additional information, but we collect the least amount of data needed to deliver these services to you. For further details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Any other questions?

Please email us at pass at citymapper dot com, or read our Terms of Service for further details.