ARCHIVED: L Shutdown - Find out how your commute will look like in 2019

UPDATE: This post has been archived since it has been announced that the L train tunnel will only partially shut nights and weekends


After many months of uncertainty around the partial L shutdown, you can now use Citymapper to see what your trips will be like without the L.


The L Project

- The L Train between 8 Av and Bedford Av will close 😭

For the duration 15 months, from April 27th 2019 until Summer 2020 (we hope 🤞)

- The MTA will launch 6 new replacement buses + a new ferry route



But what does it mean for YOU?

Our SuperRouter now tells you what the future will look like..

Just plan a trip between Brooklyn and Manhattan and see what your alternative routes will look like during the partial L Shutdown 2019:


Our data for the replacement services are estimations based on the information announced so far. We'll refine the data further once the official schedules are published.


DISCLAIMER: Other more daring alternatives not included...