The Everything Map - Redesigned for 'Floating' Transport

The age of floating transport

We’ve helped people understand the fixed transport infrastructure of their cities. But the times, they are a-changin’.

The new transportation is floating, it has no fixed stops or infrastructure, and it’s filling a mobility gap in our cities.

We're adding them all in all our cities, the cycles, the mopeds, the kick scooters, the thingamajigs...

Ofo, Mobike, oBike, Jump, Coup, Cityscoot, eCooltra, Muving, ioscoot, Yugo, Bird, Jump, Lime, Spin ... and more coming.

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Redesigned for 'floating' transport



Traditional transport...

...and all 'floating' transport


DRAG or TAP the map to select things:

Bus departures, train platforms or unlocking your nearest floating cycle - all from one map.