What is Smart Ride?

Smart Ride is a new form of shared transportation run by Citymapper (that's us)

Building a multimodal app has taught us a lot about the journeys people make

We've found gaps in the transport network

These are A to Bs that are not well served by existing transport

We're running a new form of transport to fill these gaps: a mix of a bus and a cab

It's priced between a bus and a cab

It requires some walking, and some sharing 

But unlike a bus, you can book it, and it will take you anywhere on the network without transfers

Get a guaranteed seat in a premium vehicle

Be productive during your commute

And you can charge your phone as well

Integrated in our app with credit card payments

You can book easily. 

Don't worry, you can confirm before you get charged.

It will show up when it makes sense for your trip

ie when it is a competitive option for a certain A to B

Or you can access it directly from the homescreen

Use it anywhere within our coverage area

Expanding every week

The best drivers

Licensed and trained, with reliable pay

Offering a safe and secure service

They are autonomous. You can ask them any question you want, in any accent, and they will answer.

Good for the city

There are too many empty seats roaming around our streets.

Sharing rides is better for congestion, affordability and the environment

Very fit and totally proper

We're licensed by TfL (Transport for London)


Try it out. 

Help us reinvent the bus / shared transportation.

And make cities usable.