Routing around MRT disruptions in real time? Can lah!

Disruptions on the MRT are a real pain, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. Beh tahan!

You know the feeling, when you arrive at the bottom of the escalator at an MRT station and see this:

Gobot to the rescue!


Citymapper will alert you to MRT disruptions in real-time 

Our Gobot loves taking complex transport data and simplifying it.

Gobot has been studying Singapore’s data and thanks to his efforts you will now be notified of MRT disruptions in real-time:



And we’ll even route you around those disruptions in real-time

There’s no point in knowing about disruptions unless you can do something about it. Gobot will also route you around any disruptions as they happen!


We will give you the best real-time option for your journey no matter what is happening. Zai! 

Our website will also map the status of all MRT lines, highlighting the affected parts and updating in realtime. 


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