What is Citymapper Ride?

London's most affordable Ride

We've built an efficient shared transport service that is the future of ridesharing in congested cities.

Why Ride?


πŸ’Έ £5 Rides across town
πŸ‘« Bring friends for £1 
πŸ”’ Fixed price, no surprises
😱 Drivers won't cancel on you

πŸ‘©‍✈️ Best service
🀲 Drivers trained in customer service

πŸš€ Easy sign-up 
πŸ•Ή One-tap booking 
πŸ‘Œ Book & Pay in Citymapper

πŸ’š Shared with Citymapper users
πŸš• Sharing means less cars
🌳 Less cars means less traffic

Booking is easy

When you plan your A to B trip Ride shows up as part of your regular journey results. Easy to compare with alternatives. 

If you know what you want just use the Ride tab like a boss. This makes booking Ride even easier. 

We've got you covered

We offer Rides across Zone 1+2 and continue to expand the service coverage on a regular basis.

We have hand picked safe & convenient spots for our drivers to pick you up.  

Simple sign-up 

All we need is your login & payment details. Google, Facebook and email login as well as Apple and Google Pay supported!

Better together

If you are travelling in a group Ride is an even better deal. Take your friends along for just a quid per person! Share with other friendly Citymapper users who are heading the same way. 

Great drivers

All of our drivers have been screened in person and go through training that is focused on customer service. 

Approved by the LondonersπŸ‘Œ