Live departures for all Malmö buses

Hej, Malmöiter!

Tired of waiting long stretches for the buses in winter? Wish you could know exactly when the next one will be showing up? Yeah, us too. That's why...

...Citymapper has live departure times for Malmö buses!

Now you won't have to get to the bus stop until you absolutely have to. And when you tell friends you'll be meeting them in 25 minutes you'll meet them in exactly 25 minutes (well, as long you hustle and actually catch your bus). 

The only 3rd party app to have station stop codes...

Even better, for each journey the app also displays the bus' destination and, if you're at a bus hub, it also shows the correct stop code so you'll know exactly where to wait:

Trevling! Or should we say: Malmo-mentum!

The go-to transport app for all of Skåne region

But Citymapper doesn't just work in Copenhagen and Malmo - it also works across the Skåne region, including in Lund and Helsingborg.

So the next time you're planning on visiting the Kårnan, or need to get to class at Lund University, Citymapper will get you there - on time.

Tills nästa gång.