Citymapper gets 👍 from TfNSW 'Travel Choices' campaign

A city growing by leaps and bounds = changes to the transport network.

But you know us, we’re always up for a bit of hard yakka. So when Transport for New South Wales launched an innovation challenge to help Sydneysiders adapt to their changing city, we hopped on board quicker than you can say 'roo' and...

...we won and Citymapper is now endorsed by the Travel Choices program!

How'd we do it?

We showed how the app recommends healthier walk and cycle routes along with public transport options...

...with multiple routes for most trips, based either on user preference or in response to disruptions...


...and we showed how we tell you when the next service is coming if you don't quite make the one you were aiming for...

...and, to seal the deal, we included drop bear free zones for those of you with luggage, kids, mobility issues, or...gullible visitors.

The go-to transport app no matter what change comes to Sydney.

The Travel Choices program manages the impact of all of the major construction and changes to Sydney's transport network over the coming years. We're stoked to help.

On top of the stuff we've already mentioned, we're also:

  • Offering multimodal options (e.g. combining Uber with public transport to avoid those congested drives into the city centre)
  • Adding in different-sized walk icons to indicate long and medium distance walks
  • Including Aussie food items like Wizz Fizz to show the caloric burn benefits of active transport
  • Unveiling CitymappAR (Augmented Reality*) so you can snap a photo with our Gobot anywhere in the city to show how you're taking Travel Choices seriously!

Now, get moving Sydney!

For those about to travel, we salute you.