NYC Subway changes: the W returns to Queens

The 2nd Avenue subway line is coming in December!

So to make room, the subway has some reshuffling to do and it's happening this Monday, November 7 with the return of the W train.

Let us explain what this means.

No more Q in Queens, the W returns to Astoria

If you were a regular on the Q, you know that it went through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Not anymore! The Q now only covers Brooklyn and Manhattan. That's right, it does not go any further than Central Park.

What about Queens? That's what the W now does. The W will cover Manhattan (starting in South Ferry) and continue on through Queens.

Recap: If you want to go from Manhattan to Queens, the W is now your train.

Take a look: 

Q remains express in Manhattan, to/from Brooklyn only. 

As we explained, the Q is still the same in Brooklyn and Manhattan (until Central Park).

So why'd they make this change? That's because the Q has a new role to fill! It needs to make room for three new stations along the 2nd Ave line.

Sneak peak below:


Other changes you need to know:

- Late night: R extended to Manhattan starting Saturday
- N remains service to Queens and runs express in Manhattan during weekdays (stopping at 49 St all times) 

Coming Soon

The 2nd Ave Line Subway is expected to start operating in December and more changes are to come. We'll keep you updated.

Check out this preview of the Q going up to 96 St

Oh and, you can already see how it'll change the way you travel in Manhattan....