How your life changes with the bus hopper fare

You're now able to take two buses for the price of one if you catch the second bus within 60 minutes of the first one.

Here is how your life changes:

Bus + Bus Commutes: pay as you go gets cheaper than the bus & tram pass

Caps and seasonal passes don't change:
- Bus daily cap: £4.50
- 7-day bus & tram pass: £21.20
- Monthly bus & tram pass: £81.20

We've done the maths for you: you have to commute for 27 days before the bus pass becomes the cheaper option.


Replace 1-bus trip for 2-bus trips: same price, less walking, faster


The hopper fare is also valid on trams 

Which means:


You can even combine bus and trams for a free hop transfer!


But we know you'll come up with complicated questions. So here are your answers:

3 buses: free hop for each pair of bus or tram journeys under an hour



Riding other modes cancels the free bus hop


Trips over one hour also cancel the free transfer 



Or a very common bus hassle:

If your bus terminates short, you need to take a voucher with the driver. Did you forget it? Now it's free!

(As long you take two bus trips within 60 minutes)