Night Tube: what you need to know

History begins.

Starting Fri 19 Aug, Central and Victoria lines will run 24 hrs on weekends!


That means the two lines will run Friday morning to Sunday night NON-STOP.

Service will run:

  • Victoria line: every 10 min
  • Central line  every 10 min (between White City and Leytonstone)
  • Central line  every 20 min (between Ealing Broadway and White City, and between Leytonstone and Loughton and Hainault)

We got your back! Our app supports the change

So if you use us at night, our SuperRouter will incorporate the night tube.

For example, let's say you live in Ealing Broadway and are out late near Liverpool Street.



Hooray for weekends.

Note: Not all stations on the Central Line will have service


Heading east, the Central Line terminates at Loughton or Hainault.

Heading west, it terminates at Ealing Broadway.

And there is no service on the West Ruislip branch.


There are more 24 hour buses, too!

Buses 34, 123, 145, 158, 296, E1W3 and W7 start running 24 hours on Friday and Saturday only.

This is just the beginning

If we behave well :) TfL will add more Night Tube lines this autumn.

The Northern, Jubilee, and Piccadilly lines will join the party.

But there's no date yet.

Oh and we have the night map too


How much does the Night Tube cost?

No more than the Day Tube. Night Tube runs off peak-fares. Day travelcards and daily caps are valid until 4:29 am.

Go, nightcrawlers!

Lets see how this changes London.. We may report back :)