Velkommen, København!

Dear Copenhageners,

I'm Claudia. I'm a Copenhagener - by nationality and by heart. 

But I moved to London to join Citymapper - and to put Scandinavia on the map!

So today, it feels natural that I do the honors...

Welcome to Citymapper, Copenhagen!

So why did we decide to come to Copenhagen?

I remember those Copenhagen mornings.

About to leave home, just as the rain started pouring down.

Now: Should I put on my rainsuit and stick to my bike? Should I squeeze on the bus? Or take an Uber?

So many questions, but no app to give me the answers.

It turned out other Danes felt the same. 

Some were having a genuinely hard time ...

...while others just had their, well, reasons:

(officially, actually)


Copenhagen, we heard you.

Let me take you through some key features of the app.

When will my next bus, S-train, or Metro arrive?

No need to hurry without reason. 

Tap on the map and see live departures at all nearby stops & stations.

Now you know when your next bus, train, or Metro is coming. Easy.

Save your favourite stops and stations 

Get quick access to live departures.

Compare all your options in Real-time

No more checking of several apps before departure.

Compare every option at a glance: walk, cycle, Uber, bus, Metro, S-train, train.

Tell your friends when you'll arrive!

Are you often late? Now your friends will know when to expect you.

Tap "GO" and share your journey with them.

They can follow you in real-time!

Do you commute from Malmö?

Well, we included that too. Those Copenhagen jobs are very popular.

Approx. 17,000 people commute daily between Malmö and Copenhagen. We want them to stay happy.

Get an automatic notification about your commute, right on your lock screen...

So there it is, Citymapper Copenhagen.

Hope you like what we've built. Let us know what you think, Or next time I'm in town (for some cinnamon buns)!


Ah, yes... one more thing...

We also launched Stockholm. Hello Neighbors :)

Read all about it in our Blog Post