Hallå, Stockholm!

Welcome to Citymapper, Stockholm!

City made of islands, Scandinavia's biggest city. Capital of Scandinavia (don't tell the Danes).

Your network is dense - Tram, Lokalbana, Pendeltåg, Bus, Boat, T-bana - but comprehensive.

And you have nice stations and transit map (Scandi design style ftw).


But first, before we launch a city, we always ask locals...

Why should we launch Stockholm? How can our app help?

and the stakes are high...

Thanks, Renata. (no pressure)


Taking all this feedback in, let us give you a tour of some key moments of the app...

All your options. In Real-time.

In the real world, the city updates in real time. So do we. Don't leave work with the uncertainity of when you'll get to that social event: we will tell you not only about delays, but also when exactly you will arrive.

The all-in-one transport app

Access next departures for every transport mode, right from the homescreen.

And see real time departures.

Save your favourite stops and stations and you'll have them at one tap.


On any Lokalbana or Pendultåg station, type your destination and access real time departures, future schedules...

...and delays.


Share your live Trip

Share your arrival time with friends so they can follow your progress in real-time.

Commute like a Pro

You asked us to optimise the way you navigate Stockholm, and we have built much more around that. Personalize the app and make it work for you: save your favourite places, trips and set up your commute.

Set Home, set Work and we'll automatically figure out the best commutes for you.


Get an automatic notification about your commute every morning, right on your lock screen...

So there it is, Citymapper Stockholm.

Let us know what you think.

We constantly update the app, feedback and thoughts welcome - support@citymapper.com


Ah, yes... one more thing...

We also launched Copenhagen. Hello Neighbours :)

Read all about it in our Blog Post