Welcome, Melbourne!

"With its strong history of trams creating an intricate labyrinth of routes around the city", said a Melbourne voter.

"Melburnians would strongly benefit from this app".

She was not the only one.

Hello, Melbourne!

3 minutes earlier than Sydney too, so like all great sibling rivalries, we're clearly the better one.

This has been a personal mission for the two-and-a-half Australians in the team, from infiltrating the Citymapper office, quietly scheming at the pub and putting in the hard yards, to road testing and polishing the hell out of it.

We're stoked to be able to finally release our baby into the wild.

Here's what we have for you.


Got a commute that depends on the weather being not too cold, not too wet and not too warm?

Set up your Home and Work and we'll figure out the best routes for your commute, so you can choose the most convenient one each time.

The SmartCommute includes live tram times and live bus times on your selected buses and departures for the V/Line.


Tram departures in real time

See when the next tram comes by looking at a particular stop, or when planning a route.

If your train does not work, we'll let you know.

We specialize on giving bad news, so you can set up notifications for your preferred lines on the City tab and we'll send you one if they are disrupted.

Feeling guilty about that impromptu value meal?

Ditch the sweaty tram carriage and take your own bike.

Want to get that helmet hair look? Try the bikeshare instead.

Our cycle routing is ready for your personal bike and for the bikeshare, including real time availability and spaces.

And we also combine it with transit.

ie: from The Local in Port Melbourne, ride a bike to Clarendon St. and then take a tram to the Museum.

We're not just for weekdays either. We'll let you know how to get the G, Queen Vic Market, Chaddy, that restaurant down a dodgy-looking alley way or even the wheel, in case the lack of directions was stopping you (seriously, can someone check if it is still there?).

And when your night's over, don't get caught waiting for a mate - we've got the Night Network covered too, or an Uber if you're in that special mood.


The V/Line

Check all V/Line stations on the Everything Map, and next departures from each.



Don't know if that V/Line stops where you want to go? Filter by destination and see.

All transport modes in just one app

Many Melbourne voters told us that the city's transit network is hard.

"Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia and is notoriously hard to work out how to move between the surrounding suburbs without going into the middle and then out again V/Line.

With a good mapping system it would be easy to circumnavigate the outskirts and minimize travel time. Please please please!"

So here we are!

"The complexity of the tram / bus / train system could really use your deft touch in making it usable and more friendly to passengers who frankly will just jump into a car as the system is not known well (...) Thanks for listening!"


Now tell us what you think!

We have much more to add, but we had to get something out there so our parents can finally tell everyone what their kids are actually doing all the way in London.

Please try it out on iOS or Android, contact to let us know what you think and spread the word so our parents don't think we're just drunkenly gallivanting around Europe (ok, maybe just a bit).