Here comes Baltimore!

Less than an hour apart, thousands of people commute between Baltimore and DC every day.


Until now, they had to switch back and forth between apps to get complete transit info.

"Baltimore is one of the few U.S. cities with legitimate rail transit", said a Baltimorean who voted for it to be the next city in Citymapper.

"It's a major East coast metropolis, and it connects closely to another city you already mapped: Washington D.C".

Fair enough!

We knew we needed to reflect the reality of commuters in the app. So we broke our own rules, combined the two cities, and made DC-Baltimore. Boom.


Baltimore, you now have Citymapper too




For those commuting between them, we have the MARC

Two lines - Penn-Washington and Camden-Washington - connect Baltimore and DC.



Check departures from each station


...and know if there are delays.


We have real time information for the MARC, so you will be aware if that happens.


All Baltimore transit modes included

If you live in Baltimore and are not a DC commuter, Citymapper will become indispensable nonetheless. Every transit mode is inside the app.

  • The MTA buses, light rail and Subway Metro. With real time info whenever it’s available.

  • The Charm City Circulator. All with live so you’ll know exactly when the next bus will turn up. 50% magic, 100% charming.

  • Water Taxis and Harbour Connectors. If you’re in the mood for the scenic route home.

  • Uber and Lyft. Integrated in the app with real time arrival and price estimates, so you can quickly compare all of your options.


Combine Uber / Lyft with transit

We recently started combining cabs + public transport. This is available in Baltimore too.

Say you're in DC and wanna get home. Ride the MARC to Penn Station and then take an Uber to destination.

Reduce your costs and travel times with our multimodal routes.

You can read more about it on our blog post on the matter.


This adds up to all we already had in DC

We had all the buses, Metro, VRE and the Streetcar.

So now on the City tab you'll see two Metros...


...and 3 offline maps:

There is also a new ferry tab

For the baltimorean Water Taxis and Harbour Connectors!


The Everything Map will still show you all transport modes around

No matter in which city you are.


"Yes. Now the two cities are connected” 

Well said, Hasselhoff.

Welcome to Citymapper, Baltimore!

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