A letter from an ex-Seattleite

A letter from an ex-Seattleite to all Seattleites

Dear Seattleites,

I'm an ex-Seattleite who left the city to join Citymapper in London. I lived in Seattle for four great years. Today, I'm happy to announce that Seattle is now available on Citymapper, the ultimate transit app.

Citymapper isn't just an ordinary app. It provides a holistic view of all the options to travel in the city. With one single app, I can see clearly how long it takes to get somewhere by car, cycle, transit and a mix of modes. 

All options are in one place and I can choose the right one for any trip.

I use the app everyday in London, but I wish I had it in Seattle when I was living there. Why?

Let me give you a couple of examples:


1. I can still remember the painful trip back home from an afternoon meeting in Bellevue: jammed on the 520 for an hour, seeing the buses go by in the HOV lane.

To get to N 85th St, bus alone wouldn't have saved me. Uber alone wouldn't have either.

A combination of Uber + Bus would've saved me a lot of time (and patience)

No other app is able to provide such great multimodal routes.

Well, now you all know. 


2.  Or let's say I'm going from Cap Hill to Queen Anne Ave N. If it's nice outside, I could get one of the Pronto Cycles and finish my journey on a bus.  

With Citymapper I can check if there are bikes available in real time 

and find several other combinations.


If I' feeling lazy, I could just hop on Link and then get a bus. Or if I'm really, really lazy... 

I could just check Car2Go cars available around me and drive.


All the possible modes. Only one app. 


I'm not the only one excited about all this

Citymapper crowdsources votes to choose the next city to be in. Seattle is currently our most-voted city in the US, so lots of excitement around this one for us. 

"Surrounded by water, the city is always tricky to get around in", said Luis, one of the people who voted for Seattle.

In other words: "God knows we need all the routing help we can get".  Well said, Adam.


I'm looking forward to further transit improvements coming

More Link lines, more Streetcars, more bikes, more buses, less Bertha jams? I am also excited with all the feedback you can give to make Citymapper even better:  support@citymapper.com

Good times to be in Seattle. Link all the way to UW, First Hill Streetcar, and now Citymapper is available... I wish I was there again.