What you need to know about the Metrorail repair work

Big-time track repair work on the Metrorail will begin in June, and run for the next year. Read on to see how it will affect your commute.


Will this impact me?

In short, yes. Your trip results might look different in Citymapper when you head home late on a weekday, or go to your friends late-night BBQ on a weekend. 

  • Weekends: System will close at midnight on Friday and Saturday. → The buses will still be running
  • Weekdays: A number SafeTrack Surges will require continuous track outage for long durations, including rush hour services. In June:
    • June 4 - June 19: BL and YL lines, single-tracked from Franconia-Springfield to Van Dorn
    • June 20 - July 3: GR Line, single-tracked from College Park to Greenbelt

→ See full list bellow

  • Weeknights: Regular planned maintenance will start earlier, from 8PM on weeknights. → Expect delays
  • No additional extended hours (early openings or late closings) during repairs.

Citymapper will incorporate all the changes into our trip planner, so you can always find a reliable option to take you home.

Transit service will be maintained at all times, although service levels will be reduced significantly.

Check out the full list of SafeTrack Surges below, from the Washington Post:

What's the payoff? 

The Metro system is 40 years old and in need of urgent repairs. Today, trains run 135 hours out of 168 hours each week, leaving little time for comprehensive maintenance.

SafeTrack plan will squeeze 3 years worth of work accelerated into 1 year. This includes clearing some urgent NTSB safety recommendations.

Tap here to read the full plan by WMATA.