More cab choices with Gett

Gett Taxi is now an available cab option in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Thanks to Gett's API, for every trip we will give you:

- all relevant Gett options
- live availability of Gett taxis
- one tap booking

We will connect you to the Gett app with your destination pre-entered so no need to explain to the driver where you're going. 

Pick your preferred cab provider in Preferences at the top or bottom of the trip results page.

Now results will show your selected provider, and associated ETA and price.

If you have the Gett app, tap through to book.

If you don't, then we'll push you to download it (and we get credit yay).

And if you have set up cabs as part of your SmartCommute, this will also change to the selected provider.

Gett will also work with our Multimodal Transit + Car routing. How cool is that.