Government Center Station is back!

The new Government Center Station resumes service on Monday, March 21, at 12:30pm after a dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony.


...and after

Green Line B Service change

Green Line B branch trains will continue to end at Park Street. This is meant to reduce track congestion at Government Center and improve the reliability of Green Line B service.

All other Green Line trains (C, D and E branches) provide connecting service between Park Street and Government Center.


Historic Mosaics

Originally, red and white tiles covered the walls of both the upper and lower Scollay Square platforms. The tiles from the upper platform were completely destroyed during the station’s reconstruction in the 1960s. 

During the renovation, the tiles on the lower platform were uncovered. 

The mosaics were restored and can now be seen on the walls of the Blue Line platform. Such wow for transit history!