Offline Support

You would think that internet access would work everywhere and be excellent by now. But no.

Thus: Offline Support

Save journeys for offline

Plan a journey on your phone and star it.

It will be saved offline on your homescreen.

Save full itineraries for a day out, or plan ahead for your weekend trip to a different city where you don't have a data plan. 

Metro departures work offline

You're already underground and feel like checking when the train is scheduled.

Open the app and go to Near or the Everything Map.

It will work.

See the next scheduled departures.


Even on GO or SmartCommute

Departures information is preserved offline


Easy access to the metro map from every offline screen

Tap the triple dot on the 'Offline bar' to access the metro map from anywhere in the app.


Sloooowww Connection Detection

We detect your connection speed and if it's too slow (e.g. you're staring at a loading spinner for too long) we'll automatically switch to showing you scheduled departures.

Because we care.


And when you're back online...